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Collected Works of The Muslim Shiite Scholar and Thinker: Allāma Hājj Sayyid Muhammad Husayn Husaynī Tihrānī



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Abandoning habits, customs, and compliments

Abjad  reckoning

Abortion and its prohibition

Advantages of Lunar year and the disadvantages of Solar year

Age of forty

Amīr al-Mu’minīn and his birth

Amīr al-Mu’minīn and his childhood

Amīr al-Mu’minīn and his status in Sunnī traditions

Anqā and Sīmurq

Āshūrā and what came to pass

Author’s masters in Divine Knowledge

Author’s poems on praise of Imam usayn, upon whom be peace

Āyah The wives have rights similar to the obligations upon them,﴿ (2:228)

Āyah, Indeed nasī is an increase in unfaith,﴿ (9:37)

Āyah, Light﴿ (24:35)

Āyah, Men are managers of women﴿ (4:34)  

Āyah, So whoever expects to encounter his Lord﴿ (18:110)

Āyah, Soon We shall show them Our signs in the horizons and in their own souls﴿ (42:53)

Āyah, Whoever expects to encounter Allah﴿ (29:5)


Bar al-‘Ulūm

Being Killed in the way of Allah

Beseeching, penury, extreme humility, bewailing

Blights of ukūma

Calendar and dates in Islam

Clemency and tolerance

Cloak of Majesty

Code of conduct

Codicology of “Bar al-‘Ulūm’s Treatise on Spiritual Wayfaring”

Colonialism and calendar

Concealment of secrets

Concept of proximity (qurb)

Concept of vision of Allah

Consistency and duration

Control of mind and thoughts

Corrupt scholars

Creatures’ weeping for Sayyid al-Shuhadā

Creed of the middle position

Criterion for distinguishing between the faithful and the hypocrite

Criticism of the way to negate stray thoughts through focus on objects and the right way to practice it

Darwin’s theory


Devotion and sincerity and their characteristics

Dhikr (remembrance of God) and its varieties

Dhikr and wird (litany) and their difference

Distinction between man and woman

Distortion of the Qur’an and its rejection

Divine Feast

Divine Law and Spiritual Way

Divine Light and Muammadan Reality

Epiphany and its types

Events and anecdotes related in the Corpus on Islamic Gnostic Knowledge

Faith and its degrees

Faithful person and his/her characteristics

Farewell ajj Pilgrimage

ima Al-Zahrā, upon her be peace

ima bint al-Asad

Felicity of this world and Hereafter


Four journeys in spiritual journey toward Allah and how they are fared

Four realms of Unity

Giving legal judgments and its requirements

God’s first creature

Grand faith

Grand Islam

Grand migration

Grand Name

Great migration

Greater faith

Greater Islam

Greater jihād and its stages

adīth of Thaqalayn (the two weighty things)

Holy Prophet

How to fare the way toward Allah

Ibn Fāri and his poems on the Vision of God

Imam and his necessity

Imam and his position in the Realm of Being

Imam usayn’s poems on the day of ‘Āshūrā

Imams’ illumination

Index of the verses interpretations

Infallibility and its stages

Infallibility of Ma‘ūmīn (immaculate Imams)

Infallibility of Prophets and proving it by āyāt

Inheritors of the Book

Intellect and its status

Intention (niyya)

Interpretation of āyah, Then We made heirs to the Book those whom We chose from Our servants.﴿ (35:32)

Intuition of the self

Jābulqā and Jābulsā

Jihād and its varieties

Letter of Mullā usayn Qulī Hamadānī to the late Irawānī

Lunar calendar and how it changed to Solar

Majority’s view

Man’s capability in Creation

Masjid-i arār


Master and his necessity in spiritual wayfaring (I)

Master and his necessity in spiritual wayfaring (II)

Master and the way to recognize him

Meaning of “mey” (spiritual drink)

Meaning of God’s Sovereignty

Meaning of lā ilāha il ’Allah (there is no deity but Allah)

Meaning of light

Meaning of nasī’ (referred to in the Qur’an, 9:37)

Men of the Cave

Mi‘rāj (Ascension)

Misconception of the eater (ākil) and the eaten (ma‘kūl)


Monotheistic sermons of Imam Ali

Mourning of the birds and wild beasts for Imam usayn

Mukhlaīn (exclusive servants) and their features

Murāqiba and its degrees (I)

Murāqiba and its degrees (II)

Murāqiba  (Self-vigilance)

Musāri‘at (making haste)

Mystics of the recent century

Noble dispositions

Number forty and its properties

Path toward union with God                                 

Perfect ones and their acts of devotion

Perfection of religion

Philosophy of the Imams’ supplications, upon them be peace

Procedure of burning down the carnal self

Prophet Enoch


Qalb (heart) and it varieties

Qur’an and it impacts on the soul

Qur’anic terminology

Real knowledge

Realm prior to perfection

Rectitude and its varieties

Religious leadership



Revelation (mukāshifa) and its varieties

Rule of Juristconsultant and its proofs

Ruling Juristconsultant (walī-yi faqīh) and his qualifications

adr al-Muti’allihīn and his recommendation

Sahar (Wakefulness at dawn)

aīfat al-Sajjādiyya (The Psalms of Islam)

Scientific view of Imam al-ādiq


Seminary (awza ‘ilmiya)

Seventeenth article of the constitution and its amelioration

Shī‘a sciences

Shī‘ism and difference of its logic with Sunnism 



Sincerity and devotion


Soul (dil) and heart (qalb)

Spiritual retreat

Station of ulū (righteousness)

Straight Path

Supplication of ‘Arafa and its addenda

Tables and figures presented in the Corpus on Islamic Gnostic Knowledge

ay al-‘Ar  (swift traversal on the earth)

The term, ‘Unveiling the Countenance”

Thought in spiritual wayfaring

Tradition of “Madīnat al-‘Ilm

Tradition of “Nearness through supererogatory works”

Tradition, “I constantly repeated these words until I heard them right from the Utterer

Tradition, “I saw my Lord in Luminosity.”

Tradition, “Truly, those who have conviction (mūqinīn) are in great jeopardy.”

True meaning of the luminosity of the Prophet and Ali in traditions

Twelve realms prior to the realm of sincerity

Ulu’l Albāb (those endowed with understanding) and their attributes

Unity in history

Unity of Being

Veils between man and God

Vision of God

Wayfarer and his/her first task

Wayfarer and his/her goal

Wayfarers of Muslim community and their advantage over those of the past communities

Wayfaring and its effects

Wayfaring and its general outline

Wayfaring and its hazards

Wayfaring and its instruments

Wayfaring and its requirements

White ruby

Why all people do not attain perfection

Women and their duties

Women’s rights

Zayd b. Ali

Ziyāra of Imam usayn at the first of Rajab


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