In the Name of Allah the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful

Ghadīriyya Present: Two Letters; One Black, the other White [The Logic of the Shias vs. the Sunnis]

Collected Works of The Muslim Shiite Scholar and Thinker: Allāma Hājj Sayyid Muhammad Husayn Husaynī Tihrānī



Truthfulness and certitude is evident in the proponents of Wilāya,

and darkness and ignorance in the followers of falsehood.


Subject of the Book : The Shia Logic


This book contains two letters exchanged two centuries ago between the Sunnī ruler of Bukhārā and the Shī‘a ruler of Khurāsān.

In 1202/1787, a letter rife with accusations and curses was sent from the governor general of Transoxania (Amīr Ma‘hūm Bayg b. Dāniyāl) to the ruler of Khurāsān (Amīr Muhammad Khān). The latter asks Mawla Muhammad Tabasī, one of the scholars and dignitaries of the time, to write a well-founded reply.

The late ‘Abd al-Wāhid Tabasī wrote a reply that was firm in logic, pleasant in composition, and novel in its beautiful handwriting.

Allama Tihrānī, may his soul be sanctified, published replicas of both letters along with an introduction and marginal notes to be presented to the faithful brethren and diligent students of Gnostic knowledge.  


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