In the Name of Allah the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful

 The Shining Sun [A Commemoration Volume in Honor of Allama Tabātabā’ī and Remarks on his Master, the Late Qādī]

Collected Works of The Muslim Shiite Scholar and Thinker: Allāma Hājj Sayyid Muhammad Husayn Husaynī Tihrānī



Allāma Tabātabā’ī was a master of the intellect, the heart, and the religious law


Subject of the Book : Commemoration of Allama Tabātabā’ī (may his soul be sanctified)


This volume is arranged in two parts:

1. The biography of Allama, may God sanctify his soul.

2. A collection of Allama’s answers to the questions by the author (may Allah bless their souls).


In the first part, the following topics are taken into consideration:

The educational method by which Allama was trained.

Allama’s method of schooling

Allama’s culture and belles-lettres

Allama’s philosophical and exegetical methodology

Allama’s worldview and mentality

Some anecdotes of Allama’s life


Excerpts from the book:

• Allama Tabātabā’ī’s sciences welled up from the innermost of his soul.

• Allama would not give up until he reached the dept of a proposition and explored its every nook and cranny.

• Philosophy of Mullā Sadrā was more realistic to Allama that that of Avicenna.

• Allama believed it would be impossible to enter the colossal ocean of ideological narrations without studying philosophy and logics.

• Allama said: If true Islam is introduced to people, they will embrace it.

• Allama loved the Qur’an and considered deliberation on the Qur’an as his most sublime task.

• Allama’s humility before the pure Imams originated from his conscientiousness.

• Allama Tabātabā’ī is living eternally.


Excerpts from the second part of the book:

• The world of creation is ever awake, God is ever awake.

• Coming into being of the Apostle of Allah was a miracle.

• Blessing (ni‘mat) everywhere in the Qur’an is intended to mean Wilāyat.

• Intercession concerns the greater sins.

• Paradise and Hell are existent right now.

• God ascribes doing things to people but denies their independence.

• The real meaning of Tawhīd is in the mystics’ [conception of] Tawhīd.


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